Postgraduate certificate in Pre-Doctoral Studies

Preparation for success in doctoral studies at leading universities worldwide.

The course is designed to effectively improve your English in key skills, preparing students to study at the doctorate level. If your research ideas are not yet firm enough to undertake doctoral studies and you feel that you need to improve your language and research skills, this course if for you.

As well as being academic, the course helps students to understand very well the practical aspects of doctoral studies, for example how to engage with supervisors, how to prepare research design, and what to expect as a PhD student.

The course contents covers the following topics which are crucially required for a PhD scholar:

  • Marketing management
  • General English language
  • Business English
  • IT

This course is held as a joint program with our Pre-Masters course.


  • Fall semester classes commence on: October.09.2023
  • Spring semester classes start on: February.19.2024

The course fee for Pre-PhD studies is: 5650 EUR.

In order to apply for this program please click here.