Master studies and PhD in Hungary:

After finishing a Bachelor’s degree course and receiving a diploma, it becomes clear to everyone, that it is not at all easy. It takes a great deal of energy to succeed and to achieve this educational certificate.

If one decides to continue studying and wishes to complete a Master’s degree course abroad as well, the task becomes even more complex by undertaking the difficulties given by the language barriers, the new environment etc.

Duna International College can help those, who desire to make their studies more adventurous and wish to study away from home experiencing new situations, a new way of life and a new culture. By choosing our Pre-Master's and receiving a proper preparation in English, IT & Data Mining, Management and Mathematics, these subjects will become much easier and understandable and the strong foundation for further studies will be provided.

Appropriate for all postgraduate applicants in order to improve their teamwork and management skills proficiency along with fundamental science studies.


The course contents covers the following topics which are crucially required for an MA or MSc student. Please be informed that Pre-master's is a general course and does not involve any specialized studies or subject. The subjects and the lessons in Pre-master's course are:

  • Marketing management
  • General English language
  • Business English
  • IT


  • It is a general course and does not deal with specialized subjects.
  • Please check your desired Master's degree with us if it is held for international students in Hungary.
  • Some courses maybe joint with Business program.

In order to apply for this program, please click here.