Dear Applicant,

We would like to inform you of some new programs and promotions from 2020 at Duna International College which you may be interested in.

Please be informed that there is no need to any evidence of English language proficiency, but having the basic knowledge of English language including, reading, writing and speaking is highly recommended.


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These programs include:

  1. DRC Program (Pathway to study in Hungary and other European universities)

Through DRC coursesyou will have the opportunity to study in Hungary and several other European universities. The study programs you can apply include: Medical studies, engineering, business and management. Click here to apply for this program.

  1. TRC Program (Pathway to study in the UK, the USA)

After completing a TRC course you will have the opportunity to study in UK, USA besides Hungary. So you will have the chance to study in three more countries. Please be informed that by passing TRC courses your admission will be automatically achieved at partner universities in the UK, USA and Canada without any entrance exam. The list of partner universities is attached to this application form. The study programs at partner universities include engineering, business, economics and art. Click here to apply for this program.

  1. Our program in cooperation with Óbuda University of Budapest

Since academic year 2014-2015 Duna International College has been appointed as the preparatory course provider for Óbuda University and those who pass our Pre-Engineering course can be accepted at this university.

Óbuda University's Programs in English Language

Undergraduate BSc Programs:

  • Computer Engineering (NIK)
  • Mechatronics Engineering (BGK)
  • Electrical Engineering (KVK)
  • Land Surveying and Land Management Engineering (AMK)
  • Environmental Engineering (RKK)
  • Technical Management (KGK)
  • Industrial Design Engineering (RKK)

Our engineering faculties offer BSc degree programs for the length of seven semesters and out of 14 (BSc) undergraduate degrees, 7(BSc) programs are offered in English language.

The programs focus on the scientific fundamentals, such as mathematics, physics, computing, mechanics, engineering, drawing, and chemistry, necessary requirements for chosen fields of engineering.

The engineering faculties provide a thorough knowledge of practical engineering and depending on the faculty, offers opportunities for specialization. Each faculty divides their programs into branches with compulsory electives and optional elective subjects. Depending on the BSc faculty, specializations may include; geo-informatics, corporate strategy, info-communication technologies, instrumentation and automation, IOT, embedded systems and robotics, big data, business intelligence, cloud service technologies, IT security, software design and development, environmental public administration, green energy, textiles and interiors and packaging. Experimental work executed in well-equipped laboratory facilities are core components of the training.

Click here to apply for this program.

  1. Partnership with Humanitas University - A great chance to study in Italy

We are pleased to announce that Duna International College became the Pre-Medical Program Center in Budapest of an esteemed, modern and appealing Italian Medical School, called Humanitas University. This is a private educational institution located in Milan, Italy.

Our collaboration has started this year and we will be appointed as their official IMAT test center from the next academic year. This agreement is a great opportunity for those Duna College students who are planning to continue their studies in Italy.

Humanitas offers a Medicine and Surgery degree course which is a 6-year university programme. The course is taught entirely in English. A basic knowledge of Italian is required during the clinical practice, at the third year. The course is characterized by a multidisciplinary and integrated approach to teaching. From the first year, theoretical interdisciplinary modules are integrated with hands-on experience and simulation activities. Clerkships commence in the 3rd year, when students can also access the The Virgilio Program.

Humanitas University’s mission is to train globally minded healthcare professionals through state-of-the-art interactive teaching methods and close integration with its clinical and research community.

The pillars of Humanitas University’s project are:

  • A 14-year-strong legacy
  • Strict interconnection with Humanitas first rate hospital facilities and cutting edge research
  • International vocation
  • State-of-the-art interactive teaching methods

The courses integrate the prestigious Italian academic tradition with carefully structured innovative teaching methods and professional activities, investing in clinical and scientific research and technologies in order to offer the best education possible.

  1. British Diploma: Level 3

Upon successful completion of your course at Duna International College you can ask for a Level-3 of British qualifications which is a reputable degree and well recognised diploma. There is a possibility of exemption from the entrance exams of some universities including Hungarian ones by having this qualification; But of course it depends on the admission policy of the target university and not guaranteed.

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