Upon arrival students will be accommodated at a 2 star hotel and then they can rent their own apartments.

 The accommodation fees for the first month are: (Subject to change)

  • For students for 30 days in a single (private) room: 900 EUR
  • For students for 30 days in double or triple room: 500 EUR
  • For parent who accompany his/her daughter/son for 30 days: 700 EUR

For the following months after the first month fees will be: (Subject to change)

  • For students for 30 days in a single (private) room: To be announced soon! 
  • For students for 30 days in double or triple room: To be announced soon!


Important Remarks:

  • The management and the ownership of the dormitory is quite independent from Duna College.
  • Those students who book for a double room has to know that they may also be accommodated at triple rooms upon arrival as well.

 For renting an apartment students can enjoy from the following services:

Budapest Property Service
Real Estate Agency (Expert in student accommodation)

For those students, who wish, there is also the possibility to have their own flat or a private residence and the college will assist them to find their desired accommodation as well. The monthly rental fee for a flat may range from 350-650 Euros per month including utilities. It is also possible to rent a flat for 2-3 students, which can be efficient from a cost point of view.

 Budapest Property Service

Offering all the services regarding Rentals, Buying and selling properties all around central Budapest for students.

Exclusive flat search especially for students.

  • Studio flats - Single or 2-3-4 Bedrooms
  • Newly built, Classical and Renovated flats
  • All around central Budapest with good transportation facilities
  • Offering the fastest and most accurate service

Contact details:

Pedram Zarei
e-mail: Info[at]BudapestRents[dot]Com
Telephone: +3620-5256755



RoomMatesBudapest.com is an advanced real estate portal in Hungary offering accommodation solutions for both foreign students attending at various universities in Hungary and expatriates living in Budapest.

Room Mates Budapest

At RoomMatesBudapest.com you can find available apartments and rooms to rent, meet and chat with new roommates online, buy & sell 2nd hand and find student jobs in its Budamarket classified pages.

Contact details:

Cell Phone: +3630-4621008
Website: www.roommatesbudapest.com
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.