Our advantages

Our advantages

Great Success!

There are many reasons to choose Duna International College as a study destination.
We are proud to have the highest rate and the ranks in our admissions at the universities. 

Why Duna College?

Duna College advantages can be counted as:

  1. The college operates in cooperation with high level university professors from Hungarian and American state universities.
  2. Best Pre-medical booklets written by Duna College instructors.These booklets are the best ones among Pre-medical ones in Europe.
  3. All language courses are taught by native teachers.
  4. Entrance exam exemption possibilities for those receive our Level-3 diploma with high scores.
  5. Training programs are sketched and supervised by high level professors form Hungarian state universities (Semmelweis, BME & ELTE).
  6. Direct and smooth path between Duna International College and state universities, made by our professional training team.
  7. Updated and comprehensive training program.
  8. Reasonable hours of training.
  9. Interactive training system.
  10. Dormitory and accommodation facilities for an affordable and low cost.
  11. Competitive and affordable tuition fee.
  12. Different options to study in Hungary, the UK, the USA.
  13. Highest rate of success among all schools and institutions in Hungary.
  14. Monthly city transport ticket with student discount. 


Join us and feel the difference!