Duna International College

Duna International College

Study in the HEART OF EUROPE

Duna is an international college in Budapest-Hungary in the heart of Europe, established in 2010. The College was established and operates in association with prominent university professors from Hungarian state universities. Duna College runs preparatory programs for the applicants who wish to continue their studies at our partner universities in Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy, the UK, the USA and Canada in 2 different pathways called DRC and TRC. 

Our campus is located in Budapest; one of the most beautiful capitals is Europe. The College welcomes students from all around the world. This international campus was established to create a difference and comprehensiveness in education and training. Hundreds of students come to Hungary to study in different fields every year. These students have different academic backgrounds and our college provides preparatory courses to prepare these applicants for their future studies and to equip them with new study disciplines. Applicants who join our training programs will have the opportunity to get accepted into different universities.

We train not just to prepare applicants to get accepted at universities and pass their entrance exams; we wish to create an accurate path of success and progress in life. We provide a wide range of possibilities in higher education along with new trends in teaching and learning that forms the structure and principles of our training plan.

About Duna

Courses and training systems at Duna College are elaborated on the basis of well-understanding the required concepts of starting a university program. Teachers and instructors lead the courses on the basis of simplicity and comprehensiveness in topics. New trends in education and training are also considered strongly and consciously to keep the level and the knowledge of our students up and competitive. Our approach concerning education and training can be classified in below terms:

  • Operating on the basis of all its members' contribution including: students, teachers and staff.
  • Creating a friendly environment along with interaction in order to learn and educate together.
  • Teaching in association with high level teachers and professors from Hungarian state universities in order to make integration for higher education and keeping the training level updated.

Our Mission

  • Developing international education in Hungary.
  • Increase the academic knowledge and level of applicants to Hungarian universities.
  • Creating joint programs with other European universities.
  • Creating more educational and intercultural relations between Hungary and other countries, specially in Europe.
  • Promoting the academic relation between EU and Non-EU countries in order to develop international education.
  • Providing a colorful experience to applicants

The Campus:

The campus of Duna College is located in the heart of Budapest. As one might know, the capital is divided by the Danube (Duna in Hungarian) into 2 parts, which were separate cities up until 1873. Even today, you may find great differences between Buda (the western side) and Pest (the eastern side), both looking at the architecture and geographically.

Buda, where Duna College is located, is known for its hills and parks and for its historical sights.
Our building is very easy to reach by public transport from any part of the city (underground, bus or tram stop are within walking distance). 

Our building, in which the lessons are held, is quite unique, when it comes to education. Viewing the building from the street, it fits into the city landscape with its historical design. Stepping inside though, one might see a great change. Our institute is designed modernly and provides all technical equipment needed for students to be able to study at a high level. Seminar rooms, a computer lab and lecture halls are all to be used by our students.


  1. We have the honor to devote 5-10% of our annual profit to an orphan asylum in Hungary and this is the most important part of our activity.
  2. Participating in charity issues is an emphasized term of the Duna College constitution.


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